‘Finding your inner stillness’

Why learn to meditate?

Meditation offers a whole range of benefits for mind and body, most of them rooted in the ability to find space and stillness in our lives against the relentless pace of modern living.

Meditation classes with a qualified teacher can help you to learn enjoyable meditation skills which stay with you for life, help you adapt your practice for particular situations, and connect you with a community of meditators for support and friendship. 


Stress & mental health

Meditation is an excellent self-help modality for stress, anxiety, low mood and depression, as it helps to reset your brain wave patterns to an ‘awake rest’ state, to get you back to health.

Quality of life

Your general happiness levels go up when you meditate as you learn to switch off the mental chatter and make space for more meaningful experiences.


Menopause is made worse by stress and meditation works by inducing calm, thereby helping to alleviate mood swings, hot flushes, pain and sleep problems.

Pain management

Meditation can help with chronic pain by increasing your bodily awareness, enabling you to distinguish real pain from pain heightened by self talk and emotions.

Types of meditation 

I teach a number of different meditation techniques borrowed from secular and spiritual traditions all over the world, so that you find a method that suits you and your individual needs.

Mindfulness meditation

A technique based in Buddhism and popular in the west that combines breath focus with awareness of body and mind.

Mantras & chanting

Using sacred sounds, words or scripture as a focus for meditation, used in many different spiritual traditions.

Focused attention

Using aids to focus the mind such as breathing exercises, candles, affirmation cards, words, images, sounds or objects.

Body scan & relaxation

 Guided meditation where you feel individual parts of your body in turn, for pain management, deep relaxation and sleep.

Outdoor & nature meditation

Meditation using natural landscapes, the elements,  plants and essential oils to connect with the environment and find calm and balance.

Guided visualisation & cultivation

Guided meditation where you visualise a scene or cultivate a particular emotion such as compassion or gratitude.

About Sophie

Meditation Teacher

I am a qualified and accredited meditation teacher with a diploma from the British School of Meditation, which offers a uniquely broad and non-affiliated approach, meaning that I can help you choose and adapt your practice according to need and preference.

As well as teaching meditation, I am a writer with over 10 years’ experience freelancing in the creative industries. I write all my own meditation scripts and devise unusual and engaging meditations using my love of nature and spiritual ideas from across cultures to reconnect my students with their true selves in a safe and enjoyable way.


Classes, courses & workshops


Beginners' courses

 A 5-week introduction to meditation using a variety of techniques based in different traditions. Each class will start with breathing meditation where we look at focused attention and mindfulness through breath, moving on to other aids to focus and finishing with a longer guided practice such as a visualisation, body scan, emotion cultivation or deep relaxation.

Next course: TBA

 Cost £60

While my beginners’ courses are currently on hold, the live online Zoom meditations currently being taught fortnightly on Thursday evenings at 8 pm are suitable for beginners.

*New workshop-style classes* coming up in September on Saturday mornings in Chinnor are also suitable for beginners. 

Please email sophie@lindentreemeditation.com to book. 

Follow on groups & menopause circles

Follow on groups are designed for people who have completed a beginners’ course or meditated before, enabling continuing support and friendship in meditation.

I am also running a meditation menopause circle, once a month. You do not need to have meditated before for this and it covers some of the same material as a beginners’ course, but it is specially tailored to ladies in (peri)menopause.

 Menopause Circle postponed until further notice.

For follow-on meditation, the current Saturday workshops are ideal.

Please email sophie@lindentreemeditation.com for further information about the content of each workshop and to book. 

Cost £15 per workshop. Email for details of discounted block-booking and booking all 8 sessions.


Specialist courses & workshops

*All level workshops booking now in Chinnor, September start*

Workshops cover particular subjects in more depth.  An example is plant and aromatherapy meditation using individual plants and their essential oils to enhance emotions such as joy, self-love and relaxation.

I also offer a 7-session workshop style chakra meditation course where we learn about the 7 major energy centres through a combination of meditation, simple philosophy, colour therapy, crystals, essential oils, sounds and mudras (hand positions) to connect with the subtle properties of the mind & body.

Next in-person workshops:

Chinnor Reading Room

Saturday mornings 10-11.30 am

Please email sophie@lindentreemeditation.com for further information about the content of each workshop and to book. 

Cost £15 per workshop. Email for details of discounted block-booking and booking all 8 sessions.


You may wish to join my events such as outdoor meditations and forest bathing sessions in beautiful locations in Oxfordshire. I also collaborate with other practitioners locally to offer wellbeing events where you can try meditation alongside other healing modalities such as yoga, massage, nutrition, reiki or reflexology.

Visit: https://www.obga.ox.ac.uk/whats-on for spring/summer/autumn events at Oxford Botanic Garden & Arboretum.

Starting again in June 2022. Please visit the website for updates about availability and tickets. 

NEW: with my experience as a writer and editor in the creative industries, I’m now able to offer writing support to fellow wellbeing practitioners. Please get in touch.

Businesses, organisations & private groups

Classes are available for businesses and organisations seeking to include meditation in staff or student welfare. Please get in touch if you are a business, school or leisure organisation to discuss your individual needs.

 You can also book me as a group of private individuals for a party or leisure experience. Minimum 5 attendees. Please contact me for details. 

 All corporate and private group meditation classes currently being taught online via Zoom.

Please email sophie@lindentreemeditation.com to book.


One-to-one teaching

 If you would prefer an individually tailored practice with the privacy that one-to-one teaching can offer, please contact me. This can be particularly suitable for specific mental health issues, for children, or for problems with pain or sleep.

 Currently being taught online via Zoom.

Please email sophie@lindentreemeditation.com to book.

£25 per 40-minute online session

(£40 per 1 hour session offline)

NEW: now offering meditation teaching in collaboration with http://www.rowlandscapes.com  working together to create gardens for meditation and mindfulness.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wondering about joining a class


Meditation is a completely safe practice for most people, including people who suffer with mental health issues such as anxiety. However, I always register you before starting using a health declaration form and ask you to check with your GP or health care specialist if you suffer with certain conditions such as depression, epilepsy or bipolar illness.


Meditation is a skill like any other and needs to be learned. It takes time and we all have days, especially at the beginning, where our minds persistently wander and it seems like wasted effort. It’s also normal to find yourself facing uncomfortable sensations, thoughts or emotions while meditating. I will monitor you throughout and invite feedback. You can also come to me afterwards if you are finding something difficult. 

WHAT's the difference between a class and meditating with an app?

A lot of people find meditation apps useful and in fact streamed meditations are where I started myself. But there is so much extra to be gained from a class, such as overcoming obstacles, sharing experiences, learning how to sit properly and so on. Also, you might find meditation is more likely to become a regular habit if you join a group.

are your classes only for women?

No, I teach men and women and people of all ages. I believe passionately that men in particular need to meditate to get in touch with their often ignored innermost feelings and worries. I also work with young people, but please contact me in advance to discuss this if you have a child or a young person in mind.  

I've tried mindfulness before. Is this the same thing?

I teach mindfulness meditation as part of my practice. This is where you use the breath as the focus and then cultivate non-judgemental awareness of your body, thoughts and emotions so that you learn to be fully present with whatever arises. However I also teach a variety of other techniques, some of which place more emphasis on focused attention rather than awareness. I also teach guided visualisation and contemplation which are different from mindfulness. 

Do I have to complete a course or can I just drop in?

I ask that you complete a 5 week beginners’ course if you are new to meditation because it gives you a good grounding in meditation skills and each week builds on the one before. However, I currently offer meditation groups for menopause which are held monthly, plus various other workshops and one off events that are also suitable for beginners. 

The British School of Meditation

 My meditation qualification is a diploma from the British School of Meditation. It is accredited by Ascentis, an independent accreditation agency, and recognised by Ofqual. The diploma involves in-depth training in the theory and practice of meditation, from secular and spiritual traditions all over the world. 

Before joining the BSoM register, I had to prove not only that I had passed my diploma, but also that I abide by the school’s code of ethics and practice, that I’m insured and that I’m committed to my ongoing development as a meditation teacher.

This means that as a student, you can have full confidence in my teaching, care and support; enabling you to develop a sustainable and enjoyable meditation practice of your own. 


For information about how meditation can help you

If you have any questions  about how meditation can help you, or if you have seen one of my courses or events and want to know more, please get in touch 

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